MSVCR120.dll bugger...!

Bruce Gust
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Laboring to update my WAMP server and running into a wall with the following error:

error message
I have googled this thing to death and downloaded several vcredist files hoping that there's a MSVCR120.dll file in there somewhere, but to no avail.

I've been at this all afternoon and I decided it's time to let the ninjas weigh in,

I'm on a 64 bit, Windows system. Can someone give me a link and an idea as to where to put the .dll file once I get my hands on it so I can finally complete the installation of this thing?

Thanks so much!
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
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It's the Visual Studio 2012 runtime. You installed the redistributable files, or copied the extracted files? And made sure the  DLL is in system32 and SysWoW64?
David FavorFractional CTO
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This just means the .dll file is missing.

A quick search turned up one (of many URLs) about how to fix this.

Search for - MSVCR120.dll what is it - for a long list of URLs.
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There are also two useful diagnostics tools for WAMPServer that will help find what's either not installed or not installed correctly
They can be found at the bottom of this page together with all the VC downloads

Visual C is a pre-requisite (you need it installed before WAMP), if you're still getting that error (and you have both the 32bit and 64bit versions installed) go back to the "Check VC packages installed" tool.
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1) Per above, check to see that msvcr120.dll is in at least one of the Windows directories.  If not, download one of the Visual C redistributable runtime install kits that has this DLL, and install the redistributable.  Then reboot.

2) Check the PATH to confirm that at least one of the Windows directories where msvcr120.dll can be found is on the PATH.  If not, add that directory to the PATH and reboot.

This error can be cured by downloading the DLL only and installing it into one of the Windows directories on the PATH, but in the past I've found that this approach frequently exposes another, and another, and another missing VC DLL when attempting to install the offending program.  So it is prudent to install the whole redistributable and be done with it.
Bruce GustPHP Developer


I got it working!

It's a little misleading, I think, when you're being told that you're missing one file but then you have to turn around download / install multiple .exe files in order to get everything working.

Should anyone else encounter this, I first went out to and then, at the very bottom of the page, there's a link for "All VC Redistribuable Packages (x86_x64) (32 & 64bits)." Download that package and you'll be greeted with more than 10 executable files. Everyone of them had to be installed, but after I was finished, I was gold!

Thanks for your help!

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