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Can't delete file. Something has it opened.

I went to install a VM (a 2019 Server VM on a 2019 Server). It asked for the ISO to install it. I pointed it to the right ISO and it installed. Working great. Now I went back to delete that ISO and it says it can't because it is open in "System".

   This has been happening for years but I need to revisit it. In this day and age is there any simpler way to tell what process or user has this file open other then process monitor, wholockme or the others? What is the current method for determining what has this file open?
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You can just shutdown the entire VM. That will close the file.
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Well.... that did the trick but then the VM wouldn't restart so I had to restore it from the recycling bin. Why in the would would it, at this point, need the ISO to run?  I know a 4GB file isn't absolutely huge but I seen no need in keeping it around. I have a copy on DVD.
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Thanks gents. It was still mounted as a DVD in the VM. Once I "ejected" I could delete the ISO. Never would have thought that to be the issue.