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Excel Active X control buttons in distributed excel pieces: are there downsides/ risks to Active X controls supplied by Microsoft?

I am considering using excel sheets and EXCEL ActiveX buttons to actuate some vba processes, instead of using UserForms.
Two reasons:
1. for catalog situations where I need one or more control buttons per data row
2. for situations where I have a child window occupying half of the excel application window (eg a child visio window) and the other half of the excel application window can display part of an excel worksheet, on which I can display data and 'buttons' to present/mimic an interactive data panel.

In both these situations, I need buttons on my worksheet.

My question is: Are Active X controls SAFE? What are there downsides? The piece is intended for many users, and potentially in web applications - so will I regret using these Active X controls down the line?
- For single 'cmd' button purposes, I can create one or more standard graphics as clickable objects through which to call macros, instead of ActiveX cmd buttons. Would you consider that positively, or are Active X cmd buttons the best choice?
- Clearly Active X provides more functionality via ComboBox/spin button/other/ controls, but are these ctls safe for distribution?

I should add that I dont envisage the excel sheet being zoomed by large amounts, incase that affects the positioning of Active X ctls?

.. looking before I leap.

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