Looking for an Encrypted Mail solution.

We've recently received a number of emails that requires us to securely login and retrieve emails
at the sending organization/company’s mail system, due to sensitive data.

We would also like to implement a secure email system like theirs for transmitting sensitive documents
and I'm not sure whether we need to sign up for a Service or need a special purpose mail Appliance.

Our emails are not in the cloud. They are hosted onsite using Exchange and an Antispam appliance.
Thank you!
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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
I am not sure how large your company is, or what else you might be looking for. We use ProofPoint for our spam filter as well as secure sending. We have had it for three years. There is a plug-in for Outlook that allows you to send secure emails only when needed. The receiver must then log in to retrieve the information. The product also does URL redirect so that if something malicious does get through, the link typically gets blocked. This has come in handy since we have started seeing a number of emails with links from legitimate, compromised email accounts. Particularly, O365 accounts.  


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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
1) securely login and retrieve emails - Done via SSL wrapped POP + IMAP.

2) at the sending organization/company’s mail system - This doesn't really make sense.

If a company sends email to you, then you have control over POP/IMAP + also mail submission, so you'd have to force only allowing submission via opportunistic TLS. Likely you'd do this for a set of users like...


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If you mean you'd actually like to read secure email from someone else's system, then they will have to setup SSL wrapped POP or IMAP + provide you with a login.

3) By sending secure email, I'm guessing you mean encrypted email.

This is very complex + requires both parties to email agree upon an encryption strategy + then shared their public (decryption) keys with each other.
Bill KIT ManagerCommented:
We have used Greenview data for 5 years without any major issue.  I like the back-end encryption implementation style with no end user implementation and price the most.  The support is solid and USA based.  Zixcorp.com (a large enterprise encryption company) purchased them in 2018.  


Large enterprise:
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Most of my client uses Voltage for sensitive mails. Check this:

Apart from above, you can also implement DLP solution. One of client uses combination of DLP and Voltage. If DLP detects mail as sensitive, it sends that mail to Voltage for encryption. It works like this:

User send an email>Exchange forward to DLP using custom DLP agent>DLP Scans the mail and determine, if mail need to be encrypted or not>If no encryption required, it sends back to Exchange and Exchange relays. Else it send it to Voltage for encryption.

Bit complicated design, but it works well.
Bill KIT ManagerCommented:
I forgot to mention that the Greenview product encrypts everything/all outbound emails regardless of any specific attribute or trigger.  Another plus is the end users do not notice anything and do not have to hit any Outlook/email client button to encrypt, which most forget anyway.
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