Mac computers connecting to Windows 2012 fileserver show 'file is locked' when in isn't.

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Hi guys

A lot of our Macs that connect to the server Windows 2012 which hosts their files, have issues from time to time. The problem mainly is the locking of files. So one person will go in there and try to save a file and they'll be told their file is locked when nobody is actually using it or doing anything. Windows PC's have this issue from time to time to, but Macs seem to be the biggest culprit.

Have any of you used products like Acronis Files Connect? Or does anybody have a solution? I would have said I'd build a Mac server but that's not possible either as that would mean a separate server for Macs and a separate one for Windows machines when they all need to collaborate.

Thanks for helping
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This is a long-standing issue with OSX and Windows Fileservers .. as its sporadic I've never heard of a definitive solution but the following article covers the issue in some detail (and this is from 5 years ago!!)

In summary the File Preview feature in OSX finder doesn't play well via Apple's version of SAMBA with Windows Servers.  It's not a total solution as other apps such as antivirus and some Adobe apps on OSX also can tamper with the file on the Windows server which leaves it "locked" for other users.

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