Cisco WiFi and QoS for Skype for Business Online real time traffic

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Can Cisco WiFi prioritize Skype for Business online real time ports? These would be UDP 50,000-59,999 and UDP 3478, 3479, 3480, 3481.
How would the access point be able to classify and prioritize that traffic relative to the other traffic received on the radio?
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What you’re requesting isnt viable but QOS may be a way to achieve what you need.
Most Cisco kit is capable of identifying traffic with specific QOS values (via DSCP values set in the packet header) and apply a level of priorotiisation. Most WIFI controllers can use this too but some need additional licenses.

The issue is getting something to apply the QOS value in the first place. Windows can do this with group policies and many audio devices include QOS setting.

Have a read of this and see if it sounds useful for what you need:

Note: QOS isnt perfect and often only offers prioritisation in specific places on your network, but it definitely helps.

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