Free MAc programs to resize scanned pics or scanned documents

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Happy Holidays Everyone,

can someone recommend  free program for Mac OS ( She is running Mojave) that resize a scanned document or picture please.

Thank you,
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Common options - ImageMagick, GIMP, InkScape.

All available via + keep in mind, whenever you rescale any image you'll likely lose a great deal of clarity.
Macs have a built in command line tool, sips, that can work on individual files or a batch of files.
Resize all jpg files to less than 1200 pixels on the largest side, keeping aspect ratio:
sips -Z 1200 *.jpg
Resize all jpg images to 500 x 500 pixels
sips -z 500 500 *.jpg

You can also install homebrew, from and install imagemagick, also command line.

The built-in can also be used to resize the document.  In the menu --> Tools --> Adjust Size

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