Can sites or sub-sites be created automatically according to a custom template in SharePoint 365 ?

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Our company is evaluating SharePoint 365 as a means for managing communication between our technical and installation teams, divided into client projects. We would like to have a separate site or sub-site for each project, however management must be able to create these in an automated fashion, without IT involvement each time a new project is needed. Of course, each new project would have to be pre-populated with elements we can configure, based on a site template, and have all security permissions assigned automatically.

Is there a means to do this in SharePoint 365? I only have very basic exposure to SharePoint, however I am told that previous versions allowed the creation of PowerShell scripts that permitted something like this to be done.

I don't need too much detail in the response - even just a pointer to an information resource on this issue would be appreciated.
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Something like this?

You can use something like New-SPsite I think it is.

edit - this may be better

But that entire document may be a good read for you :-)
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If you create a site as you need, then save it as a template, it will be possible to create new sites using that template via the browser.

Good luck...


Thank you both for your detailed responses and your time - it is much appreciated.

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