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IE 11 issues

We have a problem in using IE 11 with few of our. Web applications.  We are using both windows 7 and windows 10. The IE version on windows 7 shows as 11.378 but it windows 10 it shows 11.0. It means windows 7 IE is newer than windows 10? What are version history build numbers for IE11 for windows 7 and windows 10.
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IE 11 on a fully updated Windows 10 system (IE 11, Help, About) is 11.195.17763.0)  

In this version, 17763 is the Windows 10 build.

Windows 10 updates IE 11 automatically.

Note:  It also says Update Version is 11.0.101  KB4483187.   You may be looking at the update version
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But need a build history for windows 7 and windows 10
Not available on Workstations so you must Google for the history and work through it. Big job unless Microsoft has a convenient list.
I searched on google. But not able to get useful info.
I am not sure why you need this history. We need current which is readily available but history is not usually very useful
As I said before windows 10 shows I version as 11.38.16xxx where as windows 7 shows 11.0.96xx.

I need to prove windows 7 does not have version of 11.38.16xx released . So I need build number for IE for both windows 7 and windows 10.
OK, IE 11 Windows 10 is above.

IE 11 Windows 7 (fully updated) is V11.0.9600.19204.  Update Version is 11.0.100 (KB4470199)

So the Windows 7 version is (a) different and (b) pretty much static as Windows 7 is now very old and living only on security updates.

Windows 10 is a moving target and IE 11 is no longer browser of choice in Windows 10.

So the two IE applications are just different. Plain sites work just fine with IE on either OS. Specialty sites may not.
Yeah I understand. Does the cumulative updates changes the IE version too? I mean from 11.0.96xx ?

I don't how come my windows 10 machine got IE 11.387.xxxx version  even though they are up to date with security patches
For Windows 7 ONLY if the update involves security, otherwise no.

For Windows 10, what version of Windows 10 are you using?   I have V1809, but V1803 is still common.
Windows 7 just update (security only).  So IE 11 is now … 19230 but the Update version is the same, but KB4483187 which is the same security level as Windows 10 which makes sense.
It is not convincing.
I am not talking about security level of IE. in simple terms I need the IE version of 11.38.16xxx to standardise IE in our org. Where and how could I get it ?
I do not see any IE 11.38 anywhere.  I doubt you can standardize on a non-standard version especially for Windows 10 which changes twice a year.

Here is the current IE 11 for Windows 7.

For Windows 10, you must use what the current Windows 10 version gives you.
Next day: I updated my spare machine and now IE 11 on it is V11.100.18305.0  (Insider next build).

You do not have any hope of standardizing a specific IE 11 version on Windows 10.

1. Where do you see IE 11 V11.38?  Not available any more.
2. Why are you trying to standardize?   Not really feasible.
Because my in house web based  application does not have comparability with other version.  Each time when it changes IE behaves different because of these multiple versions .
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