Should I worry about humidity in server room?

Should I worry about humidity in server room?
The server room is in the design stage. It may have 2 open racks and 3 cabinets which mount servers, UPS, etc.  
The temperature will be well controlled by A/C system, which does not offer humidity control. Is this a big deal? I usually don't pay much attention to humidity in the past.
Y YconsultantAsked:
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Iamthecreator OMIT Admin/EE Solution GuideCommented:
Should be between 40%-60%
Too dry and it will cause static to build up. Too wet, moisture and corrosion.
Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Most places aim for 40% to 60% maximum


Full break down there.
Y YconsultantAuthor Commented:
I know the numbers, 20% minimum~80% maximum.
Do you really care to do something to maintain the humidity in the range for such a small server room?  If so, what did you do?
At last, this is not a data center.
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Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Put in dehumidifiers and get it down to 40 - 60.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
What are the specifications of the equipment?

Humidity is controlled by are HVAC

And the HVAC vendor is responsible for this but it has been over 30 years since I’ve seen monitoring equipment in DCs because I used to change the papers in the recorder

Is this a problem for today’s equipment?????

Check hardware specs.....
Y YconsultantAuthor Commented:
"Check hardware specs....."
- spot on!
A/C will always take humidity out of the air and lower relative humidity (RH). Depending on the climate of you location, this often leads to humidity levels being too low in server rooms. Esp. during winter when it's freezing outside and ambient humidity is already low.

At 20% RH, static electricity can build up to 35000 Volt by simply walking over a synthetic carpet floor. Harmless to humans but no so harmless to equipment.

So do you need to add a humidifier in the server room? Not necessarily, because those can be the source of all kinds of problem if not done properly.

Just make sure that you have plenty ventilation with fresh air from outside to compensate for the A/C.  And add monitoring equipment to see if RH stays within bounds.

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