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Outlook will not open Evault journaling server

Greetings I am working with an Exchange 2010 environment and having an issue with outlook in the capacity of Evault Journaling. The mailboxes runs on a Evault server 12.3 and journals emails. What the issue is in our environment when we setup a mail profile for journaling we receive the email error message below. However, other accounts that are not  setup for evault opens just fine?

The error we receive for the email Journal accounts.

"Cannot start Microsoft outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Microsoft Exchange is not available. Either there are network problems or the Exchange server is down for maintenance."

What we have tried are the following
1) Running a repair on office 2013
2) Uninstalling/reinstalling office 2013
3) Rebooted the exchange server where the mailboxes reside.
4) If we change the task in evault and have this run this on another server works fine
We have tried other accounts just for giggles and they open fine.
5) Other email accounts open just fine on this server but the evault journaling accounts do not and with the following outlook message.
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Do you have third party journaling or you have enabled journaling on exchange server.

What is the size of the journal mailbox?

Was it working before?
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Same but it's 15GB shouldn't be w problem as the version of outlook supports up to a 100gb I believe.
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thanks it ended up being a bad certificate on the server.