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I have a PDF newsletter that needs to go out in an email. The problem is I don’t want to simply attach the PDF to the email but rather have it in HTML in the email. How do I do this? Is there something that can do this easily?
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Hi al4629740,

Email HTML is a different beast than in a Website HTML. Yes, it's still good ol' HTML, however, emails are laid out in tables and images are stored on remote servers. You may have rebuild something similar starting off with a template in your email campaign software. And even once you do that, there are about 30 email clients that it will go out to and you'll have to test how they look on the receiver end. Spoiler alert, they can look markedly different. Drastically different. 😐 Some not recognizing your font and swapping in Times Roman or not even able to send your images...

You can get a trial period with Litmus, the email client testing service. After that it will cost an arm and a leg, with good reason: the tool is invaluable for navigating the jungle of proprietary email clients!

This list of tools looks helpful, too:


It might be best to hire a professional email template builder to do this if you have the time, but if sending out before Christmas...that may be cutting it too close.

I've tried my hand at email templating and vowed never to touch it again. It's just too squirrelly for me!

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