Best way to copy records from a member file into a physical file?

Anthony6890 used Ask the Experts™
How do you copy the records in a member file into a physical file?  I need to export the records in to the member data to an excel file for further manipulation...
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Theo KouwenhovenApplication Consultant

Hello Anthony,

I'm not understanding your question for 100%.
What do you mean by Question by:
1. a member file
2. a physical file
In DB2-400 all Physicalfiles have members most of the time, only one member but it can be more then one.
so in my opinion there is no diference between a member file or a physical file.

Can you be more specific, or give an example?

You can use command CPYF or use SQL.
In case of using SQL, you can use CREATE ALIAS, to specify a particular member.


I figured out what I was doing wrong and was able to do the download into Excel via the data transfer add in.
Application Consultant
Ask the right question and we give you the right answer.
- copy records from a member file into a physical file
Use the OS2 CPYF command.

- Copy Records from a member file into Excel,
use the PC-program R2PCB.EXE program
Or use ODBC to directly download into Excel


Hey, didn't mean any confusion with the question, I just needed an answer more quickly and your response came 3 days after I posted the question.  I figured out what to do after day 1 and just forgot to close the question.  But yes, your responses are correct to pull the data and yes I used the Excel method.

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