Ways to keep calendar in sync between windows pc and iphone

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Helping a neighbor.  Uses a Comcast email account. Wants to have a calendar that stays in sync between a windows pc and iPhone. He uses outlook on win pc now for stand alone calendar and Comcast email

I know I could set up synched calendar w office 365 exchange online but that’s about $50 a year.

Any other alternatives for that cost or less?  I guess he could change app that he’s using.
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It is free to sync the calendar and one of the easiest ways is to sign up and setup a free MS Outlook / Live account.


Then, create a new mail profile in MS Outlook for the about free account and copy all calendar entries to the new mail profile.

Finally, install Outlook app in iPhone and sign on to the above free account and you will see all calendar entries in iPhone.
Google Calendars are Free .. and iPhone and Outlook can subscribe to the same calendar(s) and keep in Sync.  
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Have you considered using iTunes?   That is how I sync Outlook (calendar, contacts) with my iPhone. Works great and no cost.
Thanks. He had an outlook.com account already. For his office 365 I think.   He doesn’t use it for email.  But we’re using it now for the calendar and contacts

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