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RDP connection Round Robin functionality not working.

I have a 2016 RDS system comprised of 4 servers. "Server1" = Licensing/Connection Broker/WebAccess; "Server2" = Profile disk host for .VHDX files. "Server3" = Session Host; "Server4" = Session Host.  There is one Collection called "Test" which both Session Host servers (Server3 and Server4) are members. There is no Gateway server because this is an internal system only with no public access. NOTE: I have not created any certificates as I did not think them needed due to public access not being allowed.

Issue: Not always, but sometimes when a client tries to RDP into one of the Session Hosts, the attached error occurs. I have read lots of conflicting information regarding the "Farm" that is referenced in the error. I have read that there is no need to add DNS entries for Round Robin functionality between these Sessions Hosts with 2016 RDS systems, and I cannot find any Farm name to direct my clients to.

My next step was going to be to add RD Gateway functionality to Server1 to see if I could create a Farm and then actually get a Farm name and, subsequently, add the DNS entries. I'm going to wait on responses before doing so.

If anyone can help here, I would really appreciate it.

Drew McCurdy
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David Johnson, CD
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no attachment.. one usually rdp's into the connection broker and not the session host. The connection broker then decides which session host.
There is no attachment so we don't know the error.

Dont try to create a farm name and round Robin DNS records. That *will* break things. The purpose of the connection broker is to redirect connections. Using round Robin DNS and a farm name can cause the connection broker to be bypassed and since it'd be unaware of the connection, it'd fail to reconnect disconnected sessions or balance loads in any meaningful way.

Since Server 2012, the RDCB is the orchestrator for all of that. There is no need to do the 2008 era "farm" configuration.
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Drew McCurdy


I updated the post with the error.

David, you wrote "one usually rdp's into the connection broker and not the session host". That's the first time I've read that and brings me to the question of how would that work if the there are, say 5 collections (each collection using different session hosts) that the Connection Broker knows about. In other words, if I have users rdp using server name of the Broker, how does the Broker know what collection to route the user to?

Cliff what you wrote is exactly how I understood it to work, however, the error indicates otherwise. There are no server errors to guide me into a solution, so I'm at a loss.
There is still no attached error.
Quick question: how are users connecting to the RDS envirinment?  Are you having them open mstsc and manually filling out info?!? If so, that is wrong.
you need to amplify your setup i.e.
server 1/2/3 - collection 1
server 4/5/6/7 - collection 2
server 8 - collection 3

so you need 2 connection brokers  
RCCB #1  uses servers 1/2/3
RCCB #2  uses servers 4/5/6
direct connect to server 8 OR add another connection broker that connects to server 8 option to add additional servers for collection #3

Do you seperate your collections by AD Groups? you can restrict access to collections by AD user group and only use 1 connection broker
Sorry, Dave, I confused things when I brought up "5 collections". That was a hypothetical. I only have one collection with two Session Hosts dedicated to it. As for the error, I've tried to upload a picture twice and edit the original post with the error as well. Those attempts didn't work, so I'm just going to put at the bottom of this reply. Btw, I've found some information relating to the error in the following link, but it applies to 2012. What do you think?

Error: "Remote Desktop Connection cannot connect to the remote computer.
The remote computer that you are trying to connect to is redirecting you to another remote computer. Remote Desktop Connection cannot verify that the computers belong to the same RD session host server farm. You must use the farm name, not the computer name, when you connect to an RD session host server farm."
So I will repeat:

Quick question: how are users connecting to the RDS envirinment?  Are you having them open mstsc and manually filling out info?!? If so, that is wrong.
This system isn't in production, yet;  but, yes, right now as I'm testing, I am manually filling in info.
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Cliff Galiher
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David and Cliff, thanks for all your help. Hopefully, I can find some straightforward guidelines on how to use the RDP files you stated were necessary.