Opening and saving zip files using Excel in Mac OS

I have a zip file containing tab-delimited text files that are exported from a modeling software. Rather than opening each file individually in Excel to change the data and then exporting each file to a .txt file and then zipping the whole collection up again, I would like to program a macro to do the following (using MacPro Excel):

1) In an Excel workbook with a macro that opens (from a specified location on my computer) all the files in the zip file and puts each .txt file in a separate sheet in the workbook. The name of each worksheet corresponds to each .txt file name in the zipped file. For instance, File1.txt and File2.txt

2) In the same workbook, have another macro that saves all the worksheets by their original file names and creates a zip file at a specified location on my computer with a specified name.

Both the number of files in the zip file and the number of fields in each .txt file will vary depending on the version of the model so the macro needs to open all the files in the zip file.

Accompanying is a sample zip file
Edward PoundAsked:
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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
You didn't attach the zip file. (After you select the file you need to click the 'Upload File' button.)
Edward PoundAuthor Commented:
Thanks Martin. It's attached here.
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