qos on catalyst switches.

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HI Experts.

I have this policy map on most of the switches at my organization.  

      set dscp ef
      police 128000 8000 exceed-action policed-dscp-transmit
      set dscp cs3
      police 32000 8000 exceed-action policed-dscp-transmit
      set dscp default
      police 10000000 8000 exceed-action policed-dscp-transmit

We are now replacing the existing phones with a new cloud base phone system and they sent me these requirement for QOS and the vendor gave me this policy to use on the switches

policy-map PM-ASW-IB-User
class CM-ASW-IB-RC-Voice-RTP
set ip dscp ef
police 512000 16000 exceed-action drop
class CM-ASW-IB-RC-Video-RTP
set ip dscp af41
police 768000 8000 exceed-action policed-dscp-transmit
class CM-ASW-IB-RC-GeneralSIP
set ip dscp af31
police 32000 8000 exceed-action policed-dscp-transmit
class CM-ASW-IB-RC-Meetings-Control
set ip dscp af31
police 32000 8000 exceed-action policed-dscp-transmit
class CM-ASW-IB-RC-Other
set ip dscp af21
class CM-ASW-IB-Cust-AF13
set ip dscp af13
class CM-ASW-IB-Cust-AF12
set ip dscp af12
class CM-ASW-IB-Cust-AF11
set ip dscp af11
class class-default
set ip dscp default

Apply on the ports :

interface range Gi1/0/9-20
! no mls qos trust device cisco-phone
! no auto qos voip cisco-phone
! no mls qos trust cos
! mls qos trust dscp
! priority-queue out
! service-policy input PM-ASW-IB-User

my question is will the old policy still work? is there a way I can I have the new policy added without disturbing the old policy the reason is we are are doing this change gradually and not all at once.

Thank you,
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You can have both policies active at the same time, but not on the same interface.
There can be only one policy applied to interface per direction.

You can configure new class maps and policy maps beside old ones on all devices and replace policy map on interfaces gradually at your convenience (as long as class maps and policy map names are different and from output above looks like they are different).
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hi again,

can I add those entries in the old policy itself since that is already applied to the ports? I won't touch the dscp ef which is for real voice time but I can just add all other lines and expand it.

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Yes, you can add those entries in the old policy if you want to.
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That's all I wanted to know, I hope all will be ok

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