Quickbooks Report Error -214722100: Method 'GetModule' of object 'IRunningInstanceInfo' Failed

I have an office that is running Quick Books Pro 2017 Premier with 3 users in Multi Mode that decided to give this error 3 days ago.   After spending all day trying to find the solution and even talking to Quick books support for hours without a solution. I figured I would check if anyone out there has came across this one.   This error only occurs when we try to go to Reports > Payroll > Employees > Summary Report which launches excel and creates this report.  What is really odd is all other areas seem to function like we can pull a vendor report without any issues for example.  

The machines are all running windows 10 Pro with one using office 2013 and the other using office 2016.  I have verified all of the Quick-books and windows updates are in,  I had rebuild the database and verify it within Quickbooks.  I even went as far on the one workstation as to repair install both Quick books  2017 and Microsoft office and it still does not function on both the workstations.     Any assistance on this quick books error with a solution would be very appreciated. :-)
Jonny BTech (CEO)Asked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Look at firewall permissions for QuickBooks - QuickBooks network / file doctor application.

Is the Server Manager running (maybe reinstall the Server Manager and re-scan for the company file.

Try updating QuickBooks. Current supported version is V2019 and it works fine with Office 2016 in multi user mode.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Don't forget that SMBv1 is now gone in Windows 10.  So your server environment has to work without SMBv1.  Then QuickBooks 2017 is now old, so it may need SMBv1 for its connectivity.
Jonny BTech (CEO)Author Commented:
Possibility, we were wondering if the newer versions would correct it.  However, It does it on the main workstation where the quick books is hosted and database is on. Does the exact same thing as the other.   Plus it worked up to 4 days ago, which would be very odd unless these machines went to feature update 1809, Then that would explain the change.  I will have to look at see what version of 10 they are on.  However, its very obvious that Quick books support doesn't know what is going on.  They want me to completely uninstall both Quick books and office then reinstall it to see if that fixes it....Which I really don't wish to do unless  we are absolutely sure that will fix it.  :-)
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The V1809 feature update will remove SMBv1 if not already removed. That is one possible explanation.

I would try:

(a) the QB Intuit suggestion (not hard to do)
(b) upgrade to a supported version.

Note.  I know that QBV2019 with Office 2016 and the company file on a Server works fine.
Jonny BTech (CEO)Author Commented:
The solution is to Check the box that says force alternative method to connect to Quick Books.  This corrects the problem with using the same version of Quick Books and Office without buying anything.  :-)  I will post its exact location so if others come across this error, they will have the fix without losing all the time that I did trying to figure it out. :-)

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Interesting. I have not ever had to do that in years of using QuickBooks.
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