CTIW don't work on SBS 2011 anymore

Dennis Meijer
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I have some problems with a SBS 2011 server. It is running about several years now, but the customer changed his internet provider and also the router.
Then suddenly, exchange wasn't working anymore.

I can into the exchange management, no problems, but when I try to run the wizard connect to the internet, it fails. email not configured, run this wizard again to solve this.
I ran BPA and there was an empy windows with no information, but it didn't also give me an error.
Then I ran emtshooter, that program gave me no errors.

I also looked into the ctiw.log but there's so much information I don't know where to look, i did found out this error.
[7584] 181223.122940.5329: CoreNet: RebindConnectorsTask task failed
[10192] 181223.122940.5369: CoreNet: Exception caught in network detection/configuration with a specific router IP: Task: MessagingTasks.TaskRebindSMTPConnectors failed: Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.TaskManagement.Admin.TaskExecutionException.

You are my final stop before reinstalling the server, so hopefully you can help me out.
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go to mxtoolbox and test, tell me what you get

customer changed his internet provider and also the router.
did they configure DNS correctly after the change?
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exchange wasn't working anymore.
please define in more detail. If you can send email then it's likely the MX record and DNS. Did the DNS registrar change when the ISP changed?

The mxtoolbox will tell you if port 25 is open on the new firewall.
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Is your receive connector enabled? I would start here.

The logs report
MessagingTaskException: No default receive connector found. - Error# (800001)
Have you run the fix my network wizard?


Have you changed the port mappings on the new router to the ip address of the server?

If they changed isp,then they must have changed their public static ip address.
Did you change the mx record to point to the new ip?
Dennis MeijerEigenaar


After I ran fix my network, it keeps telling me that the smtp server wasn't configured right.
After I looked into this, I found out, that my default smtp server was gone.
I created a new default receive connector, it still gave me an error that the smtp server wasn't configured right, but now you could fix it.
After he fixed the smtp server, the wizard could configure the internet and all problems were gone, the exchange server started to work again :).
Everything is working now on the server.

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