Converting Windows 2003 running VMWare VM into Hyper-V VM using MVMC

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 I am trying to convert Windows 2003 Server running virtual machine "FS1_W2003-recovered"  in VMWare ESXi server into Hyper-v virtual machine using Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter and have some questions:
 (1) In Connection option screen, I am not sure if the message means or applies to my situation?
 (2) In Connection option screen, why I can't select "On" for "Final state of source virtual machine"?
 (3) In Summary Screen, should I be concerned about the warnings (1. OS not supported  2. having one USB device) ?
(4) In Completion screen, I see "Uninstall tools" on the 3rd line. I assume it will uninstall VMWare tools? If so, why does it do that? Will it alter or harm existing VMWare VM in any shape or form?  This is where I CANCELLED the conversion because I was not sure what would happen to source VM.
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Used tool long time ago
If you are converting source machine that is ON, you need to connect to VM post conversion and uninstall VMware tools manually

If I recollect, final state of source VM after conversion would remains OFF only

about last not supported option, I am not sure why it is so since it is 2003 OS

In that you may need to use other tools like Disk2VHD etc
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2003 was NEVER supported by MVMC!

Use Disk2Vhd
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agree with previous experts.

for offline conversion, DISK2VHD is the best way to go. moreover, i actually don't see any point for you to covert this VM online.
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Easy enough todo online!

Install VMware Converter convert to VMDK and then use Starwind to convert from VMDK to VHD

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