Drive Issue TS440 Lenovo Server

Lenovo TS440 Sever with what appears to be failed drive!

Okay, got a call and was asked to troubleshoot a server, lenovo ts440 4 drive bay server. It has 3 drives, the data resides in a raid one array with 2 4tb drives and I am assuming is okay. The other drive is a 500gb Seagate that held the OS Server 2016. I can get to boot screen and after that nothing, just hangs, disk repair yielded no help with same result. So question is, if I replace this drive and reinstall the OS will I lose the data on the raid one array or will windows see it already formatted with data intact and again I am assuming that array is okay, the raid controller shows it to be functioning correctly.

Thanks in advance and before you lecture me on setting an OS on a single drive with raid available, I didn't do it, I've just been asked to help.. Cheers.

Another thing, They have a clean backup that is a day old, backup is only system data files, not a system backup
kevin taylorAsked:
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Boot the server off a boot disk - can you see the data?  If so, BACK IT UP (because it sounds like they don't have backups).  You SHOULD be fine, but ALWAYS be conservative and be careful - backup if you can see the data and proceed with recovery.  Again, separate non-RAID SHOULD be fine... but weird things happen.
kevin taylorAuthor Commented:
Whats the process for creating a boot disk for windows 2016? And they do have valid backups from Friday mid-day so data is intact either way
kevin taylorAuthor Commented:
Also to be clear, the OS resided on a single 500gb drive that was not in raid or they used raid zero on it. The data resides on a second raid 1 array that appears to be intact. I have confirmed the 500gb is bad, brought it back to my office and it failed a disk test.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Boot off install media.  Bring up a command prompt (Shift F10 if memory serves - might be Shift F3 or F7, drawing a blank right now).

Then navigate via command prompt to review.  It really depends on the kind of RAID used (not necessarily the type, but hardware, software, add-on controller, etc.  I'd be 90% confident that a reload on a new disk would be fine and you could recover the array.  Note all permissions will need to be reset unless you restore the OS from backup.

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kevin taylorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lee, Reinstalled OS and data was there in the original volume. Appreciate the help
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