My gmail account is not delivered to

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My emails sent from my gmail account are not delivered to accounts

I send an email to ******* (my accoint too)

And it is never received. An my gmail account gets no undelivered message.

All other gmail accounts I have tried send to and are received fine.

Prodigy aupport says it is a gmail problem.

I am at a loss.. I ahve neve aabused my account in any way.

Is there a way to trace what happens one the emails are sent? To see where they are being stoppned from delivery?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Email is store and forward (so not traceable except by authorities).  If you sent it (in your sent file), look in Prodigy's spam folders and/or lodge a complaint with Prodigy

Note:  I changed Gmail to Prodigy as it is a Prodigy issue and I said the wrong way around at first
David FavorFractional CTO
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Just check the Prodigy supported domain list.

They support addresses for + there's no listing for so make sure your email address is correct.

To be sure, send a message from your Prodigy account + look at the from address.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroTop Rated Freelancer on MS Technologies
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At the end of your note, you'll find the headers of the message.

It can't be a problem with Gmail, try to send out an email from your Gmail to any other account.
when received, take the headers and use to analyze the headers and check for a blacklist.
It can be a temporal issue. if you try another Gmail account does the email arrives or not?
if so, then the recipients' domain can have a rule for your email or IP to denied the connection, elsewhere It's a Gmail issue (which I'm 99% sure that is not the issue).

it's reverse DNS issue seems

when you send email from gmail to ...if mail is not delivered it'll return back to your gmail ... when it return back you can check it's internet headers by copy and paste to following link to the following link.

if mail is not retruning back then check email in gmail's spam box... all the best
nociSoftware Engineer
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For gmail the only requirement is using secure SMTP AFAIK. and they will have a valid SPF and do a DKIM signature.

When a mail arrives the headers contain a log of all places where it has been (most mail server will record a session there)
if mail is rejected you should get a Delivery Notification with in the mailheaders where that notification came from, in most cases also a part (header) of the original mail included.

The lines to check for are "Received "  if the next line start with a space it should be appended to the previous one.
The first full blank line is the separation between Headers & Body.

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