Adding a POE switch at the end of the 100 meter length.

I have 2 300 foot runs.  Cat 5E.  The switch attached to is a cisco POE fully managed Switch.  The run in question currently supports 2 time clocks.  I need to lay out solid, meshed WiFi.  The units supplied by the coporate home are Ubiquiti AC Pros.  They each require POE.  To that end I have a inexpensive 8 port POE 802.3AF managed switch due in on Wednesday.  The idea is simple.  Take the run and place into switch thereby joining the Layer 2 network.  Then we will have perfectly recondition the electronic signal as is consistent with Switching technology.  The Switch being a Managed POE will also supply my further run out Access points with POE.

This is completely compliant with The OSI model in theory.  The cheap switches, well, ive used them many times at other locations in other applications.  Sure, the best thing would have been a fiber run to my distribution cabinet,, but no such luck.
Has anyone applied a POE switch at or near the 100 meter limit.  For all practical purposes this will work.  Further, in teory a layer 2network can be grown to any conceivable size.  Limited only by the switching fabric and IP address.

Please advise.
JohnnyIT Consultant!Asked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Power isn't your problem.  Signal Quality.. cheap cable may be your undoing .. belkin or beldin cable is recommended.
JohnnyIT Consultant!Author Commented:
David Johnson, did you read the entirety of my question?  You could not have? I don't have a problem currently.  I have an intended solution.  I have 2 poes on order with the needed 802.3af compatibility. My question is more to those who have run copper out proximate to the 100 meter limit, and then repeated the signal relative to the perfect electrocal sign wave as well as juices the line with poe.  The poe should not be an issue, but my question is the  distances.  The right way to do this is with a fiber disto cabinet but I don't have the budget, or the client does not.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
switch 1 - 100M switch2 - new 100M connection - switch 3
It is not a 200M connection but 2 x 100M connections.

My comment was that when you approach the limits of the standard that substandard cable can be your undoing.  There is a lot of garbage cable in the marketplace.

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JohnnyIT Consultant!Author Commented:
Oh. I see! I agree.  100%. But say we have good cable, and we're at or near the limit, will my repeated signal emanating from the switch work to the next distances as prescribed  by OSI theory.  Which says you can run a cable strand 100 meters or 328 feet  and then repeat that signal and run again.  It should work. I've never been at or close to the limit. I've always been say 250 and then repeated and gone say 175.  Just an example.  It should work
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Everything being equal you have 2 x 100M segments, so it should work properly.  Since you are close to the limit then the cable quality and connections are extremely important.
atlas_shudderedSr. Network EngineerCommented:
At worst, if your distances are accurate, you may run into some weird appropriation of the 5-4-3 rule (depending the total number of switches involved in any one complete end to end comm path).  It generally isn't a problem with UTP implementations but has had impact to STP performance on occasion.
JohnnyIT Consultant!Author Commented:
Many thanks.
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