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Hello Experts,

I am working with 2 versions of a website.

test: http://test.techcarre.ca/test/en/ 
live: http://cassecroutedenhaut.ca/en/ 

You will see that on the test site after the navigation menu the slider has text that is animated, but on the live there is no text. I am told that the animation had disappeared when migrated from test to live. The designer had used for this the Revolution Slider plugin.

You will note that on the frontend of both sites there are no relevant JS errors, but in the backend when I go in to the Revolution Slider I see the following error on the live site, whereas the test site is error free.

JS Error
I have not used the Revolution Slider before.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Likely what's happened is some other plugin (likely) or your theme (unlikely) has munge an admin-ajax.php payload, as the payload is shared by all code.

To debug...

1) Update Rev Slider to most recent version.

2) Switch off all plugins except Rev Slider.

3) If problem persists, switch to a default theme or GeneratePress.

4) If problem persists, open a bug with Rev Slider development.

5) Most likely when you do #2 all your problems will disappear. If this is true, then start enabling plugins will you find the offending plugin.

Usually this problem will be a conflict between some other plugin(s) + Rev Slider.

Once you determine the conflict, you'll either replace the offending plugin or Rev Slider.
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I know the answer to this, but can you confirm when I disable the plugins, then when I re-enable them one at a time, all should work as now?

Th site wasn't built by me, so I'm cautious.
Hi, as it is a premium script you should contact revolution and open a ticket.

This can be very tricky especially when using the editor, the slider must match the version and license checking ect...

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