postgresql for windows

Does anyone know of a good tool to handle postgresql differential BU without rep, currently I am using native Wal procedure, but I am investigating, there are some good Linux tools, but could not find any windows apps, that don't blow my developer one person budget
Walter GrimmAsked:
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
I'm not exactly sure what you are after when you say
good tool to handle postgresql differential BU without rep
however from description above refering to WAL files if you look for good tool to manage Postgres "differential" backups, PITR, etc then maybe have a look at "Barman" here:
I'm not sure if it is free/open source but I know we're using it for our backups and it's fairly easy to use and working great so it may be worth to have a look at it.
Walter GrimmAuthor Commented:
Thanx for info. As far as I know I have only found barman for Linux I use some text in the pgconfig {which does not work} which copies the Wal file to new dir, there I can zip and upload to bu server,

It does not work 100% on win currently
lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
You are correct and sorry for misleading answer so what do you actually need? A windows tool that "ships" the WAL files to a
bu server
? Is that "bu server" a readonly/hotstandby type of server? Wold it help to setup replication between the two rather than using that process as described at link below for Windows?
This way your "master" database table(s) will be kept in sync at the subscriber - "bu server" side?

For administration purpose there's Navicat for Windows for instance and at some point I used it to schedule "jobs" against Postgres running on Linux as I'm windows platform DBA mainly and not familiar with cron jobs, etc..
Walter GrimmAuthor Commented:
Thanx, I want to set up servers, but keep it simple tight and secure, no replication, standby etc, no remote admin

I just want to save a Wal every min, zip and push to backup, at midnight I perform full bu,

In case of crash I pull all files and restore, hit it sort of running with config file,

Will check links, thanx
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