How to make a good looking Google Blog.

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Need help on making a good Blog:

Got this domain from Google Domain.
I am unable to post new blogs on it.
I am finding it hard to edit and make a good video and Picture and multiple pages on this Blog.
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For adding and editing posts, see the documentation. This should be straight forward  If you are having issues, can you post the exact details of your error?

>  edit and make a good video and Picture

Your images and pictures should be created in their own editing program.  Upload your videos to youtube and embed them in your blog. For images, use a photo editing tool like photoshop or free and upload to your blog

If you have specific issues, please let us know.
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You're using the Blogger platform.

Highly unlikely you'll be able to use Blogger for a site like yours.

Consider moving to use WordPress. You're development will be far easier. You'll also have far greater flexibility.

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