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Display PC info on Background.

Hi All,

Im trying to display PC info on the Background of our workstation pc's.
i am Familiar with BGinfo but since BGinfo is no longer being updated i would prefer an Alternative like power shell.
We have to deploy it Via a GPO.

Any advise/Script would we Appreciated.

please find the attached example

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What do you mean with "BGinfo is no longer being updated"?
Last update was v4.26, October 2018, see here:
I see no reason not not to use it.
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Absolutely - BGInfo is still the simplest method to do this.

Have a read through
A good alternative is DesktopInfo. You can make it look much better than the default. The only negative is that it hides when you press Win+D
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Hi All,
Thanks for the Advise.

Have great new year.