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Create custom Replace function

Hi Experts,

I am looking to create a function that will accept a string and only return the alpha/numeric values, except for dashes all special characters should get stripped out.

So instead of having to use the following
fieldName = Left(Replace(Replace(Replace(Mid(ColumnName, 2, Len(ColumnName) - 2), " ", ""), "&", ""), "+", ""), 32)

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I can call my function something like

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P.S. If possible, would prefer to have the 2nd variable of the function (the one holding the dash) capable of managing more than one character as an exception, so I can send "_,-,' ') and all 3 of them would be considered valid characters, not getting stripped out.

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Daniel Pineault

RegEx might be a good option for this.

Here's a good article on EE about regex:

 beyond that, there is a lot of generic "find and replace" code floating around.    But this seems specific enough for you to write your own.

 It's simple enough....just loop through the string and dump anything you don't want.   Generally done with an In and out string, the latter of which you build up as you read the "in" string.

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Zakaria Acharki
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Middle of testing yours...seems to work-:)

Can you explain why do I get into the debug line?
fieldName = Left(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Mid(ColumnName, 2, Len(ColumnName) - 2), " ", ""), "&", ""), "+", ""), "-", ""), 32)
                        If fieldName <> Left(MyReplace(Mid(ColumnName, 2, Len(ColumnName) - 2), "_"), 32) Then
                            Debug.Print fieldName
                        End If

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See attached.

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Thanks to all participants!
You're welcome @bfuchs, glad to help.