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How to make Windows 7 forget an SSID

How can I configure Windows 7 to forget a Wi-Fi password.
The Wi-Fi connect is open, so in other words, all I need to do to connect to the Wi-Fi is enter the user and password at the website.
Things tried: Disconnected from the Wi-Fi
Remove the Wi-Fi via Network and Sharing Center
Created a new local account
Uninstall the Wi-Fi drivers

It look like the Intel software remembered the Wi-Fi, I disconnected from the Wi-Fi via the Intel software, but no change.
There is a nets command, for I will have to look up my pass notes.
i will look at Credentials manager next, I am confident that the settings are in there, but that does not explain why the laptop still connect to the Wi-Fi on a different account, not unless the Intel software keeps the Wi-Fi login details for all profiles.

Any suggestions?
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