GPO not applying to 1 workstation correctly

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I created a Chrome GPO to apply to both users and computer settings

1) sets home button
2) opens home button url on startup

It works on most workstations.  However, on one workstation the home button, and on startup settings are not working.  

After the GPO is applied, the workstations Chrome settings show:
Show home button:
-settings are managed by administrator (greyed out) but....
- new tab page radio button is checked
- home page url radio button is not checked, but it has the correct greyed out URL

On startup:
- Open a specific page or set of pages radio button is selected, greyed out, and has the correct homepage url.    However, when a new instance of the browser is started, it goes to another older homepage url that is no longer listed.  

How do I set the GPO to force this workstation's chrome install to have the homepage url radio button checked, and go to the correct page on Startup?
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Andrew CeohanSys & Net Admin

Have you tried running gpupdate /force on that workstation?  Have you used the Group Policy Results Tool to see if things apply correctly?
Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant

Did you deploy Google Chrome Enterprise edition?

Assumption: Using Central Repository for GPO | Did you make the GPO settings for Google Chrome Enterprise on a machine of the same operating system whereby GPO's are specific to OS? (Example; 2008/Windows 7 or Windows 10/Server 2016)? 

- You can get mixed results with GPO's if the down level client does not match the OS or perhaps domain controller and this is further convoluted by service pack/build number.

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