How to remove PERC H330 and install PERC H730?

In a Dell T430, we are going to replace the existing PERC H330 RAID controller with a PERC H730 RAID controller.   We have been advised that "all we need to do" is remove the existing controller, install the new one, and "import the configuration."

Can we use Dell's OpenManage softwaere to export the configuration (i.e. to a flash drive), then after installing the new controller, import the configuration?

Suggestions on how to proceed?

Thank you...
K AAsked:
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The config is stored on each member disk and it is that which is imported so you do not have to export it anywhere.

If the controller is new or has been erased it will automatically import from the disks. If it is a second hand card you get prompted to import from disks or controller, whatever you do do not import from the controller or it will reconfigure the array and lose the data. If I suspect the controller has some config on it I remove the disks (half way out will do) and clear the card down from the boot BIOSm then power off and reinsert them and power up again,.

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
There is no option to Export Raid configuration using OMSA
Only way you can try to do it is andyalder's option but first make sure you have full backup of all volumes build on this Raid.

If firmware of 2 controllers are different, maybe you new controller will not be able to read Raid configuration from disks. So in that case you must create new Raid manually and restore server using disaster recovery.

You can create bare metal backup using Windows server backup if you have Windows 2012 or newer or use some other software like Symantec Backup Exec or AOMEI Backupper Server Edition etc.
K AAuthor Commented:
Thank you andyalder and Tom Cieslik... actually BOTH of your answers are equally helpful... We have not yet received the replacement controller, so we're still a little unclear as to exactly what to expect.  Needless to say, this process makes us extremely nervous since a snafu could be disastrous.  We'd like to keep this line of communication open for another week or two as we progress.  In the meantime, thank you both for your timely responses.  Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
NO problem,,, in case of assistance please shoot me with personal message since I have hundreds opened topics so I can miss yours :)
Again, make sure you have full disaster recovery / bear metal recovery backup before you'll start
K AAuthor Commented:
Finally I am able to provide an update... we received the replacement controller, and the process of replacing the original one could not have been easier.  After making several very good backups, we simply shut down the machine, removed the old controller, inserted the new one, booted up, and voila... all's good.  

The extra cache REALLY helps.  We should not have let this machine go into production without this controller.

Thanks for your advice.
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