How to update a Joomla! article programmatically

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I am looking for a working example (PHP code and also I presume SQL stuff) of how to update an existing article on a site where Joomla! is the running software.
Practically, I have an existing article but I want from time to time to programmatically update his content and his title.
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David FavorFractional CTO
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Commented: provides info about how to call the Joomla API for each different version of Joomla.

This is a good starting point.


Can you give me more advice in that API about the goal I want to reach ?
I am not very familiar (not a all in fact) in these APIs
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You just have to go through the API calls + pick those which seem to work best.

The way you become familiar is to just jump in + use the calls.

How exactly you arrange to call the API will depend greatly on the language you use.

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