how much is an India 1940 One Rupee King George~ black serial #519609 worth?

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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

        I am wondering where I can go to figure out how much an India 1940 One Rupee King George~ black serial # 519609 is worth.  There is also another identifier on it Q at the top with 44 underneath of it which is to the left of the mentioned serial number.

        My search for this bill has led to a variety of online market estimates.  However, I can not find one with this exact serial number which might play a role in its market value.

        Any shared thoughts or suggestions regarding this question will be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you

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Condition is everything but at best around $30 - I wouldn't make any retirement plans based on it :)
You might see $50 if it is "uncirculated" condition (pretty much kept flat in an envelope from the bank in 1940 without folding it)
Q & 44 are Series and Issue numbers respectively, there are no particularly rarities amongst those although collectors often like to have low numbers and Series "A" with bank notes.


Thank you for addressing my question.  I have two additional notes which will be scanned and uploaded soon.  I have no clue with respect to what they are other than from being from the WWII era.

They will be forthcoming.

Thanks again.

Perhaps you would like to post the other notes to me and I will appraise them.
Abegunde Ibukun Opeyemi, 23 Ikorodu Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401


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