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Exchange ActiveSync doesn't work for few people on their phone

After exchange server power failure I had to restart it but the databases wouldn't mount so I did ESEutil /p to repair it . now everything works for all databases with no issues or even lost data, but few people have problems with actives sync  on their phones . that's will not get connect throw their mail app (iPhone and android). if I install the outlook app works with no issue. but on the main mail app to sync with their contacts , its not working. I have even moved the databases to another location and tried it with no luck. so sugessted to in active directory to go to security in the advance options and click on the include inheritable permissions from this objects parent
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but few people have problems with actives sync  on their phones
Are the phones having issues older or newer?

What version of Exchange?

I've seen older phones work fine with exchange 2010 while new phones calendar sync issues, contacts, or both have intermittent issues. Same thing as you, the Outlook app works great.

I would hold off on going to far on the backend prior to determining which phones are failing, remember it's working for some devices.

After the database repair did you install any updates/SP's?
Run the Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool and share the results.
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migrate one of the problem users to a different DB and then test. if moving that user to a different DB corrects the issue then move the other users to a different DB also.
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Its an Exchange 2010
I tried to migrate , those users that have issues fail to migrate to another database

all have been updated as far I knew.
When you migrate a user to a new database it creates a log, share this log it's likely going to point to the problem. Too bad the move didn't work it's a great way to clean up corruption in specific accounts.
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Thank you for the help, most likely is the repairing mailboxes. although one of the users that had issues I gone to their outlook and archived all his mails then did the move and it worked. after that synced like all the others