my aggregated query needs help

I have a query that queries the table below.  The query displays each employee, and the maximum price which they have
paid for a lunch item. They query works fine, but I would also like to display the name of the ProductName to display the name of the product which was purchased. If I try to include the ProductName in my query, it messes up my aggregation.
Can anyone tell me how the query can be changed to also display the name of the product? I have attached the sql to recreate and populate he sample database shown below, in case someone wants to recreate it.
My query is shown below in Bold.

Table : PurchaseInfo

ProductId      |      ProductName   | StickerPrice    | EmployeeName
001             |      Bacon Soup      |      4.00            | RayJefferson
002             |      Coffee                 | 7.00                    | JamisHiggins
003             |      Ice Cream         |      5.00            | JamisHiggins
004             |      Lobster Soup   |      18.00            | RayJefferson
005             |      Prime Rib          | 18.00            | AmandaNunez
006             |      Chiffon Cake    | 20.00            | JamisHiggins

select EmployeeName,MAX(StickerPrice) AS PRICE FROM PurchaseInfo GROUP BY EmployeeName

Result from query above:

EmployeeName  |  PRICE
AmandaNunez   |      18
JamisHiggins       |      20
RayJefferson       |      18
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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
window functions to the rescue!
  , StickerPrice
  , ProductName
      , MAX( StickerPrice ) OVER (PARTITION BY EmployeeName) AS max_price
      , StickerPrice
      , ProductName
    FROM PurchaseInfo
) d
WHERE StickerPrice = max_price

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Using max() over(...) you get that max value repeated on each row, so then it is easy to get all columns where the stickerprice = the maximum price

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brgdotnetcontractorAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Man you are incredible Paul. I am going to really study this query. Thanks!
Hamed NasrRetired IT ProfessionalCommented:
Another way using Access like query.
SELECT EMP.EmployeeName, EMP_PROD.ProductName,EMP_PROD.Price FROM (select EmployeeName,MAX(StickerPrice) AS PRICE FROM PurchaseInfo GROUP BY EmployeeName) AS EMP
INNER JOIN (select EmployeeName,ProductName,MAX(StickerPrice) AS PRICE FROM PurchaseInfo GROUP BY ProductName,EmployeeName) AS EMP_PROD

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brgdotnetcontractorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nasr. So cool. You guys are amazing. I will study this one too.
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