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gudii9 used Ask the Experts™
i like to take screenshot of big page
i see part of page but when i scroll at right side i see other part of page

is there is a way i can get screenshot of big page which is almost size of 10 pages in one stroke
i am using windows 10 laptop
\please advise
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Hi gudii9,

I think you would want to give a shot to SnagIt and use its Rolling Capture feature:

There is another tool that claims to do so but I have not personally tried it:

Disclaimer: I am part of TechSmith's VIP program and have received their products for personal use at no cost..

Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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Yes, ShareX can do that
SuhaibIT specialist
Hi gudii9,
there is a wonderful tool you can use it "Faststone capture for windows"
download it from:

then right click on the icon in task bar and select "Capture Scrolling Window", it will automatically scroll the page and capture it.

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