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i have about 200 screenshot.
i like to see all of them as some kind of slide show power point presentation that shows each slide for say 2 seconds then 2nd slide then 3rd slide.

how can i make some slide show and automatically run the slide show like flash card type thing to remember some concepts
i am using windows 10 laptop and android phone
i am fine creating video also for few minutes?
please advise
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IrfanView is excellent (free!) imaging software that I've been using for many years:

It works fine in Windows 10. It has an enormous number of features, but I'll focus this answer on only what you requested.

For a slideshow with image files, click the File menu and then Slideshow. You will get a dialog box with many options that looks like this:

IrfanView Slideshow
Fill it in and then click the Play Slideshow button. Works great! Can even loop an MP3 for background music. Also, notice the two options that I outlined in red. They provide both a stand-alone feature to play the slideshow on another PC (the EXE file) and the ability to burn it to a CD/DVD. Regards, Joe
Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbon
There is an easy-to-use solution built into PowerPoint called Photo Album. To use it, click the Insert tab in the ribbon followed by the Photo Album button in the Images group:

PowerPoint Insert Photo Album
You can then choose the images you want to display, how many to put on each slide and what design theme to use:

PowerPoint Photo Album
Once inserted to your presentation, click anywhere in the slide thumbnail pane on the left hand side of the window (click the View tab then Normal if you don't see it) and press Ctrl+A to select all of your slides. Next, click the Transitions tab in PowerPoint, check the Advance Slide / After box and then set the time to 2 seconds:

PowerPoint Transition Timing
The default transition is None so you might want to try some of the others such as Fade or Push / From Right.

Finally, press F5 to run your automated slide show. You can optionally choose to loop the slide show by clicking the Slide Show tab followed by Set Up Slide Show and checking the Loop continuously until 'Esc' checkbox.

If you need more control over the process, there is an excellent add-in for PowerPoint called Image Importer Wizard and you can see a tour of it here.

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