Apps working but stuck retrieving data at lower level

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Hello, im having some issues with a tablet running android version 5.0.2 which in the past has worked perfectly, and im also seeing messages pop up like google play services has stopped working which may tie in with the issues im seeing?

On apps like ebay all seems to work fine, but when you try to 'read more' or look at item details, the screen shows a spinning circle (i guess androids 'egg timer') and it gets stuck there with no information on the screen ever appearing.  The same kind of thing happens in yahoo finance app when you say try looking at a price graph it also gets stuck, displays text figures but the graph area you see the spinning circle again and it never gets any further.

Sometimes ive seen ebay has stopped working messages, but less often.

Any ideas on how to fix this, does android have any kind of tech support? just curious !
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try resetting the tablet to factory state and see if this resolves your problems.  You will need to reinstall your added applications
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Also when this problem occurs, visit to ensure your connection is actually working at correct speed.


Hello, have checked my internet conn speed and its fine nothing slow there, so is my only option to reset to factory state ?,, also if i try this will it update to a later android version as i prefer to stay with the installed version 5 ?

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