data transfer from one laptop to other

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i have about 600gb data that i like to transfer from one windows 10 laptop to other windows 10 laptop
how can i achieve it

please advise
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The easiest way of all is to get a 1 TB USB Hard Drive. Copy the data from one machine to the External Hard Drive, then move the Hard Drive to the other machine and restore it. For 600 GB, this will likely be the fastest way also.

You can network the machines and that will work. See my Articles:  I have one on Folder Sharing.

USB Hard Drive is the best way here and the drive can be re-used for other things.
If the drive is easily removed from either of the laptops, another reasonable method is to remove it and install it in an external case.  You can then connect it directly to the other laptop and copy to or from it.
Ibrahim KasabriInfrastructure admin
You can transfer only your data ( files, pictures,pdf, documents.........)using external hard drive at least 1TB USB3.
But,If you do need to transfer programs and settings, it is possible but costs $$$.

I use Zinstall, but only when I really have to do a full transfer.
They do transfer programs all right, as well as everything else, and i think the best option on the market, technologically - but you do have to spend to get it.
Here's their tutorial:
How to transfer programs, settings and files to new computer
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William FulksSystems Analyst & Webmaster
Laplink makes a program called PCmover that will help you transfer all your files AND settings. If you need that - otherwise, the external HD mentioned above should work.

Now would also be a good time to start thinking about a backup solution for your data. What would you do if that old laptop suddenly dies and you can't access that data any more?


Now would also be a good time to start thinking about a backup solution for your data. What would you do if that old laptop suddenly dies and you can't access that data any more?
any free or cheaper solutions for this?

may be one more hard drive back up?
Ibrahim KasabriInfrastructure admin

If you are looking for a backup and data recovery solution for your Home PC or laptop, there are Two options.

either subscribe to cloud storage hosted at the service provider like ( google drive, dropbox, one drive ......).

Or, Buy  Network Attached Storage (NAS Box), Set it up in your home network, use a free tool to sync your data.

Put in your considerations the NAS will not be only for PC, you can use it to sync your smartphone's data too.

the link below shows the best  NAS boxes and there features
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different options :
-if one laptop has 2 drive bays, you can insert a spare disk there, and copy the data to it (it can be the disk you need to transfer to)
-you can  also use an usb to sata adapter
this will work fine and fast - IF you have usb 3 on one laptop
-you can transfer the data over the net, as suggested
If you want to transfer also the operational system and the programs installed, then you have to clone the original hdd to the new one (hdd or ssd). Then you can use one of the following free or trial software:
1)      Samsung Data Migration software
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he told clearly he wants to transfer 600GB DATA
"any free or cheaper solutions for this?"
Unless you have access to free storage, there will be some expense involved.  There are free online storage services, but their limits are likely far below the 600G you need.

If you set up a network with another computer that has adequate storage space, you can do backups between the computers.  Otherwise, an external hard drive is very likely to be the least expensive solution.  A quick check on Amazon shows 1T drives for $50.  I don't think you'll find a less-expensive solution.  You may want to look at larger drives as they often don't cost much more.

You could also look at online backup with Carbonite, which I believe runs $60/year.  That would automate the process and give you protection against physical local disasters (fire, theft, earthquake, etc.).

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