Using C# why does the same iamge have different sizes?

I am working on a VS C# project using VS 2017. As of now it consists of the main WinForm and six other WinForms. All the forms will feature an image which I am dropping into a picture box. For some unexplained reason on one of the forms the image is huge. The physical dimensions are 1152 x 648. On all the other forms the dimensions are 221 x 239. The dimensions are dim so I cannot adjust them. When I browse for the image I am choosing the same one.  What is causing this one form to use different dimensions?
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi rwheeler23;

Well you are trying to fit an image that 1152 pixels by 648 pixels which is the size of some displays into a much smaller area. If you can not get a smaller image than you will need to play around with the PictureBox.SizeMode Property and I think that the best mode would be Zoom which will take the size of the image which will increased or decreased maintaining the size ratio.

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rwheeler23Author Commented:
I will shrink this down and try again. I found it odd that all were fine except one. I see no difference in any of them.
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