Routing without a framework in PHP

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I am having trouble finding out how to do routing with PHP.

I know WordPress and Laravel use it, but I was wondering how to code it.

I realize it would use Apache mod rewrite, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do routing without a framework in PHP.
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It will be always better to use a framework or a library like "PHP-Router", but if you want to make your own routing you could take a look at :
David FavorFractional CTO
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Routing means different things to different people.

I'm guessing your describing transforming a link from one form to another, as in a normal redirect request.

If this is correct, then routing is always best done at the Apache level, with rewrite rules... because... it's less over head, as there's no PHP involvement. Handling redirects at the PHP level is far more resource intensive than at the Apache level.

Maybe provide an example of what exactly you mean by routing + people can provide better comments.

Note: If you are talking about redirects, always be sure to use 302 redirects, rather than 301 redirects, because 301 redirects cache in all browsers forever, so if you make a typo or like to change your entire site layout sometime in the future, using 301s will make this complex or impossible... depending on your site rework...

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