Remote Desktop Services does not exist in the server pool

Zahid Ahamed
Zahid Ahamed used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,

I've got a Remote Desktop Services Deployment, based on session hosting.

It all seems to be working, I can remote in from the gateway and everything. My RemoteApps work.

however, If I use Server Manager on the Connection Broker to review Remote Desktop Services, Overview, I get the following message:

A Remote Desktop Services deployment does not exist in the server pool.
To create a deployment, run the Add Roles and Features Wizard and select the Remote Desktop Services installation option.
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Add all the servers in the deployment to server manager. Since server manager can be used to manage remote servers, it makes no assumptions and you must add any remote servers to the tool for it to query and manage them.
Zahid AhamedDatabase Administrator


What was the issue not working. I was working fine. Could you please tell me how to add server in the deployment to the server manager.
Technical Manager
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Zahid you can follow below steps to add server to server manager.

Add servers to manage
You can add servers to Server Manager to manage by using any of three methods in the add Servers dialog box.

- Active Directory Domain Services add servers to manage that active directory finds in the same domain as the local computer.

- Domain Name System (DNS) entry Search for servers to manage by computer name or IP address.

- Import Multiple Servers Specify multiple servers to import in a file that contains servers listed by computer name or IP address.

To add servers to the server pool
1. If Server Manager is already open, go on to the next step. If Server Manager is not already open, open it by doing one of the following.

- On the Windows desktop, start Server Manager by clicking Server Manager in the Windows taskbar.

- On the Windows start screen, click the Server Manager tile.

2. On the Manage menu, click add Servers.

3. Do one of the following.

- On the active directory tab, select servers that are in the current domain. Press Ctrl while selecting to select multiple servers. Click the right-arrow button to move selected servers to the selected list.

- On the DNS tab, type the first few characters of a computer name or IP address, and then press Enter or click Search. select servers that you want to add, and then click the right-arrow button.

- On the import tab, browse for a text file that contains the DNS names or IP addresses of computers that you want to add, one name or IP address per line.

4. When you are finished adding servers, click OK.

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