Dell Desktop Not Booting

After uninstalling some drivers and doing a hard shut down the machine is not fully booting. I believe it has Windows 8.1 on it. I can hear it running, it boots to a Dell circling screen, but after that, it goes black with an occasional network connection icon in the lower left portion of the screen. Moving the mouse produces a pointer with a blue circle sometimes, but just a pointer the rest of the time. This screen has been black for probably six hours now, so I don't think it is just a matter of a slow boot.
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DevAdminSystem Engineer | .NET Developer | Microsoft MVP | Technical SpeakerCommented:
If you can try connect to the computer in RDP... and if is possible try do windows update and update bios, firmware and driver in the rdp session
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can you boot with a bootable CD or USB.  Dell has bootable USB diagnostics so far as I know. Boot with something external and see if the hardware (minus the hard drive) runs OK.
David Johnson, CDRetiredCommented:
explorer isn't starting... hit ctrl-alt-del, when the security options come up select task manager and from there file run new task and type in explorer (don't check the box) now you can investigate further.
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Rob HutchinsonTech Lead, Desktop SupportCommented:
how many video subsystems do you have?
is it just the onboard video,  or do you have another video card installed?

Can you press F2 repeatedly on bootup to get into the bios?

if you do have a secondary video card installed in the computer, can you remove that second card and hook up the video cable connector to the on board video?
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I agree with Rob. I was wondering if it is booting on an external screen it thinks it has? What do you see if you right-click on the black area? I'm wondering if you can get to monitor settings (screen resolution) to "disable" the second monitor.

So does anything appear if you right click? If yes, go to screen resolution and see if a dialog appears.  If not, then David's suggestion is a good next step.
aclaus225Author Commented:
I don't have a secondary display. I pressed Ctrl Alt Del five hours ago and the menu still has not shown up.
Robert RComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
Try rebooting the computer, and enter safemode by continually tapping the F8 key as the computer reboots. It may be a corrupted video driver and booting into safe modem will load basic generic drivers, then you can find out which devices in device manager are not installed properly.
try a repair install :      Repair Install
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Does it start with a bootable device? and can you check hardware (Dell Diagnostics)?
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I don't have a secondary display. I pressed Ctrl Alt Del five hours ago and the menu still has not shown up.

To be clear, not that you have a secondary display, but that the machine thinks you have one. (Screwed up info somewhere.) in that case, you probably would not see the CTRL-ALT-DEL dialog either. I just wanted you to try a right-click on the black area and see if you get the desktop menu where you can look and see if the system thinks you have a secondary monitor. You can also look to see if the screen parameters are all wrong as well.

But I am guessing at this point that the system is not booting properly and completely.  So I would go with web-tracker’s suggestion next. See if you can boot into safe mode or one of the other debug modes.
DevAdminSystem Engineer | .NET Developer | Microsoft MVP | Technical SpeakerCommented:
Do you try connect to the system via Remote Desktop?
Robert RComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
Since you did change your drivers before this happened the problem is most likely a driver issue boot into safemode then do a system restore to restore your computer to a point in time before you made changes to your drivers. If you dont have a restore point to go back to, you can check the device manager to see which drivers need updating, most likely the video drivers since you get just a black screen
aclaus225Author Commented:
I had limited supplies and nothing seemed to really work.  Perhaps a restore install would have worked, but I did not have any supplies to do an installation, so I bought a new computer.  I know it does not solve the problem at hand.  Pressing F8 was not getting me into Safe Mode, so there was not much I could do.

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