Why google search result shows old URL?

Varshini S
Varshini S used Ask the Experts™
Recently we have updated the website after that google search shows the wrong URL for the website.

example: https://ss.com/eu (google search shows this URL in search but after the upgrade, we have removed the page /eu , now it show only https://ss.com. How to fix this google search result or can I redirect the URL to https://ss.com/eu. which is the best solution? why google search result shows the old URL?
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
Looks like you're trying to design a multilingual site.

To do this... correctly... where... "correctly" means Google will index your site as expected... requires a good bit of design...

Start with the search - google webmaster blog multilingual sites - then read all the URLs returned which point to Google sites, then implement the strategy which best works for your site.


sorry, it is not the multilingual site and  /en  page is already we removed. why google search result shows /en in the url?
Principal Software Engineer
Google only updates after a crawl, and for ... hmm ... "less popular" sites it crawls infrequently.  It can go several weeks (I've seen some go months) between crawls for URLs that are not hit often.

To force removal of that page, go to goofle, sign up for their "webmaster tools", prove that you own the site, and then schedule the specific URL you want removed to be crawled.  It should then disappear from goofle results within a week.  Repeat as necessary for each URL you want removed.

This is a good bit of work if there are many URLs and it may be easier (if the pages in question just moved elsewhere) to issue a 301 redirect on the web server indicating that the resource has permanently moved.  goofle should then eventually stop indexing the URLs being redirected and start indexing the replacements.


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