Recommend Server and operating system for Visual Studio 2012 Project.

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Need Server and operating system for Visual Studio 2012 Project.

6 local users and 3 remote users. With Windows 10 on all machines

Something that is easy to set up. Have been using Windows XP which now is outdated.

In the past I have used Microsoft 2008 server and it was too complicated for employees...
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If employees are using Pro versions of Windows, are properly connected to the network, and the server is reasonably configured and administered, there shouldn't be any significant burden on any employees other then the one(s) that manage the server.  If security and reliability are significant considerations to you, it may be appropriate to find a third party to deal with the server.

You could set up a server with Windows 10 Pro and if you aren't too concerned about security it is fairly easy to set up.  That said, it's likely no less difficult than Windows Server when set up as a workgroup, though Windows 10 will be significantly less expensive.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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Need Server and operating system for Visual Studio 2012 Project
Building a project using which version of .NET?
Sam Simon NasserIT Support Professional

whats your server specs? every version of windows server depends on your hardware!


Shaun Vermaak: .Net framework 4.5 (which can be changed).

Sam Simon Nasser: I need to purchase new hardware depending on the OS.
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Is this a windows Forms project? Webform?  Why not host it in the cloud? i.e. Azure?

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