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Possible to move SYSVOL tree from Win2003 DC to Win2016 DC when migration does not

I have a very small Windows network that is still using a Win2003 DC.  I now have a Win2016 server that I would like to promote to DC and finally retire the Win2003 DC.  I joined the W2016 server to the domain and it seems happy enough.  I know that Microsoft does not support promoting Win2016 within a Win2003 Domain/Forest, but I do not have the resources to build a Win2008 server, so after reading some success stories online I thought I'd give it a try.  Other than a few warnings, the promotion went pretty well and completed.  DNS seemed to be ok after completion/restarts.  Ran a DCDiag and noticed that SYSVOL and NetLogon shares did not exist.  I know that I'm now dealing with 2 different replication methods but hoping that someone can help my get past this. Is there a way to manually move them maybe?
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Seth Simmons

8/22/2022 - Mon