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Windows 10 Pro Can't remember Power Option

I have a relatively new (12 months) Dell XPS Workstation running Windows 10 Pro that randomly drops the Power Option I set, which is "Never".
I'm looking for either a fix or work-around?

Ideas anyone?
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About the only thing I have seen is Windows 10 wanting to switch to Airplane mode and I stopped that.

Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator.


Powercfg –setactive Scheme_GUID

See the TechNet Article below

Powercfg /? for help

Once you set the active scheme this way (and assuming Windows 10 Pro) it should stick.
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is this a personal computer or a workstation in a managed corp environment? If it is company machine maybe the the group policy setting is over riding the changes you make.
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It's a personal computer. Running Powercfg -q I see several "critical battery notification" or critical battery action" settings. Are these to be ignored considering this is not a laptop or might it be referring to the battery on the motherboard?
Just make sure the one plan you want is starred and the rest should be ignored. They are ignored on my machines.

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It is. In my case (Power saver) *.   How do I set:
1. Turn off the display: Never
2. Put the computer to sleep: Never
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since this is not a laptop definitely ignore the "critical battery notification" or critical battery action" settings, they definitely are settings for laptop. As the program cant distinguish if this is a desktop or laptop.
That's basically what I have been doing. It works for a while, maybe 4-5 weeks. Then for no apparent reason, the setting reset from Never to 1 minute. Go figure!

I did exactly as you recommend. We'll see if it holds.
Thanks for responding
You are very welcome and I was pleased to help you.
You wrote: "It works for a while, maybe 4-5 weeks" - so it changes that rarely? So you don't know if this is solved?
Feel free to reopen the question just in case, so your problem can be analysed: power options use registry keys and we can audit what OS component or program changes these and find the culprit that triggers the reset that way.