html page not displayed properly

Hi experts
Created a page in html and published and it's working fine but when same page copied and paste on different location, after publish page is not displaying properly its displayed like symbolic instead of image...
Please assist me..
Check attached file plz
Altaf PatniSoftware DeveloperAsked:
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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Hi Altaf,

You are missing an attachment. Please use [ code ] tags to attach code.

Altaf PatniSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Oh okk. But there is no attachmen option..
Want to sent screenshot not code.
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Hi Altaf,

I think looking at the screenshot won't help much. Still you are free to attach the screenshot.
Code and Image
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