Outlook 2016 does not hold HTML formatting when sending reply email

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I have a user on W10 pro using Office 2016 Pro Plus.

Question is specifically about Outlook.

When viewing mail in the framework everything appears fine, but when he goes to reply all HTML formatting in the message is lost and reduced to code.  The setting in Outlook is showing HTML (as it should since original was sent in HTML), but messages are defaulting that way.

Same user has same Outlook mailbox profile on another machine with 2016 Pro Plus installed and no issues.  Tried a bunch of setting tweaks found online, ran simple repair and online repair, tried different profile.

Any thoughts?
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Have you tried Outlook in safe mode?
Also you mentioned that you tried different profile? was that for the same user or a different user on that computer?
What happens when a user creates a new HTML message - does it also have same issue or is issue only with replies?


It was the same user mailbox, just created a different named profile with same credentials.

Have not tried anything in safe mode.

NEW INFO - It appears to be related to the view of the email, not its actual build.  Meaning, when user goes to reply to an email the HTML formatting is lost, BUT, it is only lost from HIS view.  If he replies to or forwards a message, the entire contents appear fine to the person he sent that message to.  Also appears fine as in the Sent folder of the secondary system with his Outlook profile in use.

YOu may also want to try running Outlook.exe /CleanViews and see if that helps.

Also try your own account on the computer and see if the problem exists.

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