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Hide Apps on Top Row

There is a top row above the complete list of Android apps on my Nexus 6 Android phone.

it seems to show the apps that are most often used using 4 icons along the top.

I would prefer to not have this show up?

is it possible to hide that row all together?

As an alternative to hiding the row all together, I would also like to know if there is a way to require a specific PIN code in order to pull up the list of apps to begin with?

I know you can do this on a per app basis, but I may need to be able to do it with the screen itself.
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Brandon Lyon

I'm not sure since I don't have a nexus 6.

That said, on Android it's possible to replace the home screen launcher with another one. My favorite is Nova launcher but as far as I know Nova doesn't let you lock the app drawer

What are you trying to accomplish by locking the app drawer? There might be a better approach if we knew what you are trying to do.
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Brandon thank you. Adding an additional launcher to my phone does not appear to be as seamless of a solution as I would like.

My reasoning for wanting to lock the app drawer is because I don't want other people that have access to my phone to be able to see what I have installed without additional effort.

My reasoning for wanting to hide the top row of the app drawer would be a similar one.
Adding an additional launcher to my phone does not appear to be as seamless of a solution as I would like.

It's not so much adding as it is installing a replacement. Both apps would still be on your phone but you tell your phone which one you want to use as a home screen. Once that is set then you never have to use the other one.

It is possible to hide the app drawer using Nova Launcher if you want to do that. You could hide it and then use a gesture to open it instead.
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Martin Nguyen
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